Sunday, 12 December 2010

Allotments are Sexy

There's a interesting Facebook group entitled "Allotments are Sexy". Are allotments the new rock and roll? The group states:

"We welcome those who appreciate a slightly grubby person with a heart of gold who is into vegetables and the like. To those who appreciate the rain and the sun and the vision of self-sufficiency and yummy-ness in the world x please share your tips and advice with love"

Here in Nairn, good to see over on the Gurn that Deveron are pulling out of Sandown, that takes things back to square one and gives the society a great chance to make a case for more allotments on Sandown.

1 comment:

  1. it would be good too get some more ground at sandown as it would give folk the opportunity too grow their own fruit and vegtables as so much is being done too promote this very healthy lifestyle and in our current climate perhaps a way too save money as plotholders could share the cost of buying seeds. this in turn would give a sense of community spirit which i think allotment life is about.