Saturday, 25 December 2010

Merry Xmas

Well here we are on xmas day hope santa was good to you all. We are now looking forward to a new growing year which is not that far away, we have still some seeds to come also oinion sets and shallots. Its a nice sunny day and it looks like we have a thaw going on. Lets hope so as we may get on to the plot we had a look down on friday but still snow on the ground. Polytunnel was OK and the drumsI put into it for the long carrots are looking OK The sand in them still has to go down a bit this should happen over the next few weeks. I have still two more drums to move into the tunnel so hope to get that done quite soon. I will also need too make up my borehole mix for the long carrots also loking at ways too keep the carrot fly away from my crop as they are a pest, and it's not just carrots they go for they will go for celery, celeriac, parsley and coriander and parsnips so I have too stop them whereI can and soI will be using mesh to help with this.

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