Saturday, 11 December 2010

Seeds for 2011

Last night we got our seeds ordered for the new growing year and we will be trying some new ones above the tried and tested that we have grown in the past. And now the snow has cleared off we should get onto the plot as there are still some parts to tidy up also I want to move four of my large drums into the polytunnel they are for my long carrots. I am also doing stump carrots in the polytunnel they will be in smaller drums. We will also need to think about getting manure for the parts of the plot that will need it this leads onto where the crops are going to be planted on the plot as we need to rotate where we are going to plant. Eg carrots will be going were we had tatties last year same with the parsnips. It is perhaps a good idea to take photos of your plot when it is all planted up and this gives you an idea for the following year what you had where - plus keep notes on sowing dates and what crops you did.

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