Tuesday, 4 January 2011

First seeds are sown

On sundayI did my first seeds, these were onions. I am starting them in our small propagator after they come off the propagator they will be going in the greenhouse and then a case of potting them on till they are ready to be planted out in their beds. Over the last few days the ground has thawed out so we will be able to do some of the digging. We will need to sort out some manure as well, we have horse manure at the site but a lot of this is quite fresh and i would like to leave this to rot down for some time yet. I am still waiting for some tatties and some more seeds also onion sets and shallots we are going to do some shallots from seed as have done them before this and if you do them from seed you only get one bulb they will be the next seed to be sown as their enough room left in the propagator for them.

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