Monday, 17 January 2011

Plot Rules & Regs

Here's a copy of the Society's Allotment rules, everyone gets a copy when signing up for a plot with the society but the committee thought it would be a good thing to put a copy up on line too.

1) Each allotment plot shall be let on a yearly basis beginning on 1st January annually or at other times on initial allocation.

2. The land shall be let at such rents may from time to time be determined by the membership at a general meeting. Notice of any variation in rents will be deemed to have been served upon allotment holders by means of the posting of a notice at the entrance to the allotment site not less than four weeks prior to the date the variation takes effect.

3. Membership of Nairn Allotment Society is compulsory for allotment holders and is at acceptance of tenancy and renewable annually on the 1st of January payable with plot rent.

4. All rents fall due on 1st of January and shall be paid within one calendar month of that day and the tenancy of the allotment shall, unless otherwise agreed in writing, terminate one month after the death of the tenant. Tenancy of the allotment may be terminated by either party, given good reason, at anytime giving the other, one calendar months notice in writing.

5. Any notice, other than the notice in Rule 2, may be served on the tenant either personally, or by leaving it at their last known place of abode or by registered letter to that place or by fixing of the notice in a conspicuous place upon their allotment.

6. Allotments must only be used for cultivation and horticultural uses only.

7. Allotments must not be used or occupied for business purposes.

8. No turf, soil, aggregates or timber must be sold or removed from the allotment site.

9. Every allotment holder shall weed and sufficiently manure and cultivate their allotment to keep up appearances and fertility of the site.

10. Allotment holders must take reasonable care to ensure boundary fences, gates, roadways, standpipes and other fittings provided for security and welfare remain undamaged.

11. No building or other structure may be erected on allotments or within the site without prior notification and approval of the trustees and must be

a) of a temporary nature, and b) for horticultural purposes only.

12. No allotment holder shall let or sub-let or assign their allotment or any part thereof, as procedures to split and reallocate allotments are in place.

13. Allotments are to be clearly defined and marked with the plot number at the front of the plot.

14. No allotment holder will deposit or allow rubbish or refuse to accumulate or remain on their plot or roadways.

15. Allotment holders must ensure any dogs brought onto the site are on a leash and are controlled.

16. Allotment holders motor vehicles brought onto the site are to be driven at walking pace and parked only in the car park. Any large vehicle access must be cleared with the committee before entering the site.

17. Allotment holders shall only be permitted access to the site through the locked entrance gate. Every allotment holder shall be issued with one key on the payment of a refundable deposit, returned when the key is surrendered on termination of tenancy for whatever reason.

18. Tenants persistently breaching any of these rules or found not upholding the objectives of the society as laid down in the constitution, or moving out with the immediate area may be liable to forfeit their tenancy. This notwithstanding the right of appeal to the membership in writing through the Chairman.

19. The Society may, with agreement of the plot holders, amend the size and orientation of both vacant and tenanted plots on the site to best utilise land to requirements, and make allowances to enter into special arrangements with allotment holders where necessary.

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