Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Mill road allotment site

Well it was good to see a start has been made on the site today, and the site looks big now it has been cleared, I will get a better look after work the new plotholders will be eager to start planing their plots, and what tools they will need this will be the start of exciting times for them, and of course we will give advice if they need it. Lots of work for them to do in the first year. as the plots will just be marked out then they can put up their own fence.

Update: A couple of pictures available now here on this flickr page


  1. nice shot of the new allotment site, it looks big now that all the ground has been cleared. i wish all the new plotholders a good growing year.

  2. It's looking great isn't it, looking forward to seeing more work on the site next week