Friday, 18 February 2011

Minutes for the Mill Road Meeting 16th February 2011

Minutes for the Mill Road Meeting held on the 16th Feb 2011 in The Waverley Hotel, Nairn.

The chairman Dick welcomes everyone to the meeting and sends apologises from Jason, Bill and Dawn, Maureen, Janice, Samantha and Des.

Work has started at Mill Road at the site looks great already. Henry will be ploughing the site once it is more level and will use a cultivator on the site also. After that we will call on volunteers from the waiting list to help us all mark out the plots and paths so that Henry can then start with the paths. The shed will be erected in the next couple of weeks also. Dennis Smith has ordered all the fencing materials and we hope to have all this work completed by the middle of March. Dick had mentioned to the council that the graveyard wall is crumbling and really needs repointing.

Scott Macrae offered a really good deal on sheds that he has negotiated with a contact he has with homebase. We have emailed all tenants to see if they wish to take up the offer as the more sheds we order the better the price for everyone. We might be able to get tools at a good rate also so will maybe discuss everyone’s needs at the next meeting so we can look into this.

We also asked plot holders to consider toilet arrangements and if need be we can either fundraise or apply for funding for a composting toilet. Please can Mill Road tenants think about this and get back to us.

We are trying to organise a trip to the Black Isle on the 6th March for Tattie day. Full details on the website.

We are going to contact Gordons sawmill with regards to wood for our raised beds. The committee will speak to Ali Isles with regards to ordering the poly tunnel for the site.

Can all plot holders please have a think about what training needs they would require and come up with some ideas for us to pursue please.

Dick has ordered the noticeboards for the site and the logos are ready too.

The press release has already appeared in the Nairnshire.

The committee will contact everyone in due course for the marking of paths and plots.

The meeting closed at 9pm.

The date of the next meeting is Wednesday the 16th March in Waverley Hotel at 7.30.

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