Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Mill Road - work parties needed to help finish jobs on the site

Message from Karen:

Thanks for getting folk on Monday night and many thanks to all who came along to plant the bank. Carol has kindly offered to look after the azaleas until they can be planted on the other slope.However there are more jobs to attend to so more work parties required please.

1- Dig over the bed for apple trees where plot 30 was going to be. This is the wee triangular bed beside Jill & Kevin on plot1.

2- Dig over the edge of plot 29- where the posts have been positioned for the espalier apple trees. Just a metre or so border- which we can mark off clearly.

3- plant the rosa rugosa hedging. ( needs to come out of my plot & go in to Mill Rd as quickly as this weekend.Plant sale tomorrow so that is out of the question- but jobs 1 & 2 could be got on with until we get the hedging in at the weekend.

Many thanks Karen. PS Trees are all ordered and could be here this week or next so we do need the soil prepared for them.Thank you


Sandown plotholders welcome, others on the waiting list and supporters. Watch website for details or ask at Mill Road in the passing.

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