Thursday, 21 April 2011

Millroad site

Millroad site is looking good, not much more work to be done on it, then its up to the plotholders to make a start on their plots, some folk have made a start which is good to see, and quite a few young ones as well which is alsogood to see. I have been busy with our plot at Sandown planting tatties and onion sets cauliflower carrots and beetroots, its the start of a new growing year for us all we will hope the weather is kind to us and that we get a good harvest for our labour, the tulips I planted behind our polytunnel are now starting to flower and it should be a nice display for us. I have got a few golden hop plants from the plant I have. Other things I have doing are sowing some annual flowers this will bring some colour to our plot and provide food for the bees.

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