Tuesday, 28 June 2011

The Secret Gardeners revealed.

We should have known that it would be Brownies lending a hand.
The girls from 1st Tradespark Brownies have been busy at Sandown working for their Gardener's badge and have been responsible for all the lovely hanging basket and barrel displays.
Tonight was also special for two brand new Brownies, who took their promise by the pond in plot 7.
Since tonight was the last night of term, the girls were treated to a sauasge sizzle for all their hard work- well deserved too!

Pics- Jilli Henderso

Individual pictures here and full screen slideshow here.

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Polytunnel Activity Mill Road Saturday 25/06/11

Saturday saw a hive of activity at Mill Road as a team of Sandown & Mill road plotters finished the first poly tunnel. Weather depending, the team will be back in action tomorrow to attend to the other tunnel.

Our newest wee plotter Penny wasn't really impressed by all this work- she was far too busy enjoying the sunshine and charming all those around her.

Pics by John Henderson

Sunday, 19 June 2011

weeding and watering

busy time of the year for us all the weeds grow at a tremendous speed so its a case of keeping on top of them a case of keeping your hoe on the go even if you do not see any weeds it pays too go over your soil, the other thing we have too keep an eye on is the watering more so in your polytunnel and greenhouse as they can dry out very fast, i have still some things in the greenhouse that need too be planted out i have planted out one lot of lettuce and have more too do.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Troubled with midges?

Avon skin so soft spray available at £3.00 bottle. It doesnt stop the midges entirely but is a great deterent.

contact mandy, via website, if you would like a bottle

Monday, 13 June 2011

Secret gardeners in action again

Our secret gardeners have been at it again. Billy noted the lovely Spring displays in the barrels a couple of months ago- and look at them now. Lovely summer bedding to bring a bit of cheer to your day. Not only that, but outside Des's plot there are heaps of squirrel and bird feeders and hanging baskets have been hung along the length of the lane.

We may have to wait a couple of weeks to find out who our kind hearted secret gardeners are so watch this space!!

Compost training with Robert

The first of a series of training sessions organised by Nairn Allotment Society

Sunday, 12 June 2011

compost talk

On the plot yesterday and I went along too the talk on compost making which is an art in itself. Robert was very good and he knows his stuff a good demonstration was given and I liked the way he showed how too make up layers in your compost, what to put it and the stuff you leave out. One of the plotholders from Millroad took her worm composting set-up along which was amazing and again other form of composting your green waste and kitchen waste. The end product was some very good compost you also get the run off from it as well, which you can use, so two for the price of one, perhaps worth looking at if we are trying too cut down on what goes into landfill. Food for thought for us all too think about. Robert has more training days coming up look out for them well worth going along to hear his talks also good demonstrations of methods. so a big thank you too Robert and Janet.

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Society clothing items

Mandy will be submitting a small order on Saturday if anyone wishes to obtain any items containing the society logo. See this post for further details of clothing items available

First Training session for allotment holders - 11th June

The first training session will commence at Sandown on the 11th of June at 11 a.m. The entire course will consist of six sessions.

Non-members may attend too on payment of £10 per session. E-mail infor@nairnallotments.org if you are not a member of the society and would like to attend.