Sunday, 12 June 2011

compost talk

On the plot yesterday and I went along too the talk on compost making which is an art in itself. Robert was very good and he knows his stuff a good demonstration was given and I liked the way he showed how too make up layers in your compost, what to put it and the stuff you leave out. One of the plotholders from Millroad took her worm composting set-up along which was amazing and again other form of composting your green waste and kitchen waste. The end product was some very good compost you also get the run off from it as well, which you can use, so two for the price of one, perhaps worth looking at if we are trying too cut down on what goes into landfill. Food for thought for us all too think about. Robert has more training days coming up look out for them well worth going along to hear his talks also good demonstrations of methods. so a big thank you too Robert and Janet.

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