Tuesday, 28 June 2011

The Secret Gardeners revealed.

We should have known that it would be Brownies lending a hand.
The girls from 1st Tradespark Brownies have been busy at Sandown working for their Gardener's badge and have been responsible for all the lovely hanging basket and barrel displays.
Tonight was also special for two brand new Brownies, who took their promise by the pond in plot 7.
Since tonight was the last night of term, the girls were treated to a sauasge sizzle for all their hard work- well deserved too!

Pics- Jilli Henderso

Individual pictures here and full screen slideshow here.

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  1. a job well done good too see the young ones helping out with this, our next generation of gardeners should be encouraged at all times and the allotment society are their too help along with our local garden club and not forgetting our other local group keeping nairnshire colourful. well done too one and all