Sunday, 20 November 2011

getting started on the showbench

this is the title of book for beginners and is a guide to growing and showing vegetables, but would be of use to those of you that are growing for the table, remember the veg for showing you can eat as well so you can put it in to the show and then take it back to cook, i got the book while i was down at the scottish branch seminar of the national vegetable society, their aim is to help us grow quality vegetables not just for showing but for the table as well, i am sure we all want to grow the best we can and produce good results, after all the work we put in to our growing of the crops in the first place. we have local shows around the town so why not have a go for the 2012 season even if you only put a few veg in it helps these shows carry on, added to the satisfaction of knowing you have grown your own veg from seed that you have sown, the inportance of these local shows is not only do they showcase the growing of fruit vegetables flowers but the other arts and crafts that are about, some of them could die out if it were not for the folk who are keeping them going, all the more reason to support these shows and for the groups who run them, over the last few years more and more folk want to have the chance to grow their own fruit and vegetables so this is other way of promoting the growing of fruit vegetables and flowers.

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