Saturday, 28 January 2012


we have a 7x5 greenhouse for sale price £80 buyer to take down and remove it all the glass is ok tel 01667 456804

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Sandown Phase 2 - time for all members, waiting list folk and all supporters to act next week!

IMPORTANT FOLKS - Next week you can help make the 38 plots and community group facilities at Sandown a reality. Funding has been secured and the active support of Sandy Park, Liz MacDonald, Graham Marsden and Laurie Fraser obtained but it won't happen unless we convince the Sandown Charrette team of the need for more plots on Sandown. Please read on and then print off and put your name and address to this letter:

It has transpired that it may be difficult for many to attend the Charrette, because of work committments etc, so it was decided that we could add our voice by putting it in writing.

Dick will then take all our letters to the meeting.

To make it easier for everyone, we have one already prepared....just download, print, add your address, sign and return it to any committee member by saturday 28th january at the very latest.
We'll also be at Sandown Allotments on saturday from 11am- 1pm. You could drop off your letter there, if that's easier. Alternatively e-mail and we will arrange collection.

Anyone who is a resident of Nairn and over 18 can have their views recorded. .

We need as many as possible to even be in with a chance of securing Sandown Phase 2. This really is make or break time.

Many, many thanks for your help.

The Committee

Friday, 13 January 2012

Can anyone help Colin with Greenhouse and Compost inquiries?

Hi There

Wondering if anyone can help. I have earlier in 2011 built my own “Mini” allotment in my back garden including Greenhouse and raised veg patch.

During last year I found my greenhouse to be so warm it was burning things I had in there. I am wondering if anyone can help me fit one of the mechanical windows, where if it gets to warm then the window opens. Looking at the greenhouse, there has been one there but for whatever reason it was removed. I will pay for any parts needed unless there are 2nd hand parts available but need someone to give me advise on what I need to do.

I was also wondering about compost/manure. I don’t drive to collect any horse manure etc but have built my own compost area including bin. In here all grass cuttings, waste foodstuffs etc have been put in and a heavy carpet put on top to weigh down. Is this ok and safe to use as compost?

Any help is very much appreciated.



Anyone that can help with fitting a window for Colin please e-mail please leave compost and all other advice in the comments - thanks

Thursday, 12 January 2012

First Training Session of 2012 - 28th January

Robert's next training session 28.1.12 at 11am- sandown. Subject starting the growing season. Sent round robin e.mail already.

Also usual meeting on 25.1.12 at the Waverley 7.30pm Opportunity to pay annual account & have a catch up. Cheap seeds available to buy from only 50p.

Saturday, 7 January 2012

A happy growing new year

A happy growing year folks, the weather up till now has been not bad i got a few jobs done on the plot i have moved all the drums that i was using to grow my parsnips in they have gone into the polytunnel along with the other drums, i will see how the veg grows in the tunnel doing it this way, i have also started off my first lot of seeds which are two lots of onions white and red they are in our propagator at the moment and i shall be checking the other seeds for sowing as and when they have to be done, most of the plot has been covered with the cardboard which has helped us in keeping the ground clean, last week i got the boarder behind the polytunnel all weeded out this is were i have been growing flowers, while doing this i came across tulip bulbs begining to grow so the growing season will soon be upon us busy times potting up seed sowing and keeping on top of the weeds. the birds will be busy as well and as i was doing the weeding the robin was never far away from me hoping i would unearth some worms for him i put up one of coconut bird feeders for some of the other birds and they are using it so thats good it gives them a helping hand. some other jobs i still need to do are start taking more of the horse manure down for the compost heap so i get a good mixture in it as it is something that makes for a good compost heap.