Friday, 13 January 2012

Can anyone help Colin with Greenhouse and Compost inquiries?

Hi There

Wondering if anyone can help. I have earlier in 2011 built my own “Mini” allotment in my back garden including Greenhouse and raised veg patch.

During last year I found my greenhouse to be so warm it was burning things I had in there. I am wondering if anyone can help me fit one of the mechanical windows, where if it gets to warm then the window opens. Looking at the greenhouse, there has been one there but for whatever reason it was removed. I will pay for any parts needed unless there are 2nd hand parts available but need someone to give me advise on what I need to do.

I was also wondering about compost/manure. I don’t drive to collect any horse manure etc but have built my own compost area including bin. In here all grass cuttings, waste foodstuffs etc have been put in and a heavy carpet put on top to weigh down. Is this ok and safe to use as compost?

Any help is very much appreciated.



Anyone that can help with fitting a window for Colin please e-mail please leave compost and all other advice in the comments - thanks


  1. Composting is an aerobic process so make sure there is plenty of ventilation but not too much as to loose valuable moisture Don't put too many grass cuttings in your compost it turns into a slimy mess one option is 'grass-boarding' where thin layers of grass are layered between torn up cardboard. The result can be excellent compost, which is weed-free and does not contain large particles or lumps of material.

  2. Colin,

    There is a handout on composting on the Nairn allotment website.

    best regards