Friday, 24 February 2012

Final piece of Sandown 2 jigsaw recommended for approval at March 1st meeting.

It's item 21 on the Highland Council agenda for March 1st:

The Members, as Trustees of the Nairn Common Good Fund are asked to approve the letting of an additional area of land extending to approximately 0.90 Ha (2.22 Ac) or thereby to the Nairn Allotment Society on terms and conditions as stipulated in the Council’s Allotments Policy and as otherwise to be agreed by the Director of Housing & Property."

"Following the outcome of a Sandown Design Charette, where local residents were afforded the opportunity to voice their opinions regarding the future use of the land, the consensus was that Allotments would be an appropriate and suitable use of this particular section of the Sandown Lands."

Support from Sandy, Liz, Laurie and Graham

"Local Members have been consulted and support the proposal to lease this land to the Nairn Allotment Society, subject to agreeing satisfactory terms and incorporating the Highland Council Allotment Policy."

Full document here. If anyone would like to try growing your own then why not put your name down on our waiting list? E-mail address in the sideba

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Bees Butterflies and blooms

I watched the programme bees butterflies and blooms by Sarah Rraven it was in three parts the last part being last night, in it Sarah campaign's for more to be done to encourage bees and butterflies in our countryside and also in our towns and cities, we have been doing this on our plot last year were we had a boarder by out side the plot with flowers, this year i will do the same one but will do more flowers on the plot as well, single flowers are best for the bees so they can get in to them for their food, so please think about the bees and butterflies when you are making plans for your plot this year if you can plant some flowers for them they in turn will help you by pollinating your fruit and vegetables.

Friday, 10 February 2012

Charrette update - Support from Councillors for allotments

"At the Planning Charrette for Sandown at the beginning of this month we handed in 124 letters of support and the plans for our project. There was total support for our proposals thanks to all of your letters, the backing of our 4 Ward Councillors and Louise Clark. "
Dick Youngson, Nairn Allotment Society

Thursday, 2 February 2012

All go for Sandown phase 2 with the Charrette

Here's the green for go as far as the Charrette was concerned. It was all down to Jim McKinnon the Chief Planner for the Scottish Government on Monday night actually. There had been the usual questions raised arising from the toxicity that is the past history of Sandown and questions about rushing ahead etc. When that had finished this observer made a plea for a part of the process to be rushed ahead very quickly indeed. That is to say for the allotments to go ahead soonest if approved by the Charrette. I mentioned funding and the community groups etc and how the plots, if not creating monetary wealth for the town, certainly add value to the community in other ways. Jim was aware of the proposal and very supportive. He asked the meeting in the Courthouse if anyone had any objection to the allotment expansion. It was unanimous. "Looks like you've got your allotments," said Jim.

Thanks to the mighty Jim McKinnon, Chief Planner to the Scottish Government!