Thursday, 23 February 2012

Bees Butterflies and blooms

I watched the programme bees butterflies and blooms by Sarah Rraven it was in three parts the last part being last night, in it Sarah campaign's for more to be done to encourage bees and butterflies in our countryside and also in our towns and cities, we have been doing this on our plot last year were we had a boarder by out side the plot with flowers, this year i will do the same one but will do more flowers on the plot as well, single flowers are best for the bees so they can get in to them for their food, so please think about the bees and butterflies when you are making plans for your plot this year if you can plant some flowers for them they in turn will help you by pollinating your fruit and vegetables.

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  1. What a great programme! I hope many are inspired. I will certainly be using this and implementing into any of my clients gardens that are willing to give it a go! Wonder if Highland Council watched ????? :) Elaine ( Elaine's Simply Gardening, Nairn)