Friday, 18 May 2012

Co-op Cash Contribution to Cludgie

The Society has learnt that we are to receive a large contribution to our cludgie fund from the Co-op community fund.  The £2,000 funding will be used to install a toilet facility on our Mill Road site. The toilet pod, with disabled facility was kindly donated by the Highland Council.

Work will begin on site shortly to clear the piece of waste ground recently allocated for purpose, putting in access paths and security fencing.

The area surrounding the facility will be cultivated to create an attractive feature; enhancing the site not only as a haven for wildlife but also to be used as outdoor classroom space for visiting schools and nurseries in the area. Thanks to the Co-op for their generous award and to Jules and Pam who helped with the bid form, they researched the criteria and filled in the form for us.

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Car boot sale Sunday 27th May Showfield Nairn - 2012

Save the date - Car boot sale in association with St Ninian JFC. £5 per car at the Showfield 10.00 - 2.00 p.m. Sellers in after 09.00. Cars £5.

Sunday, 6 May 2012


I have  added  a  link    which  will  help  you  find  out  what    weeds  you   could  find  on  your  plot.  Iif  you  know  what  they  are  this   will  help  you on  how  too  deal  with  them,  how  they  grow and  how  they  spread is  half  the  battle, it  is  then  up  too  you on  how  you  get  rid  of  them if you  are  using   organic   methods  stay  on  top  of  your  weeding  it  will  save  you  a  lot  work  in  the  long run  do  not  let  weeds   seed  make  sure  you  get  all  roots  out, perennial  weeds are best  put  in  your  brown  bin, do  not  put  on  your  compost  heap as  they will  regrow, when  you  are weeding its  best done  using a  large  fork make  sure  you pick out all  the  roots  the  more  you  take  out  the  less  too  grow  again.  annual  weeds can  be   done  with  a  hoe this  is  best  done  on  a  sunny  day, it  pays   to  go  around  your plot as  much as  you can with  your   hoe and  get  the  young  weed seedlings before  they  get  big as  the  last  thing  you  want is  a  plot  of  weeds and   none  crops to  harvest.  for  those  who  are  using  non organic methods ie weedkillers  be  careful on  how  and  when  you  use  it think about  your  fellow  plotholders hand weed  were  you  can  this  will  reduce the  amount  of spraying you  have  to  do  also it  will  cut  down   your  costs.


thanks too  all  the  folk  who  came  along today, to  help  us  with  the  weeding of  plot  one  at  millroad, other  great  job  well  done  the  soil  was   a  wee  bit  heavy unlike sandown  which  is  easy  to  dig  but  just  the  way  it  is on  different  sites, plus  different  weeds  on  both  sites.

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Next Car Boot - The showfield Sunday 27th May

Unbeknown to each other Nairn St Ninian JFC and Nairn Allotment Society had both arranged to run a series of car boot sales on the last Sunday of the month during the summer. The clash became apparent when the two ads appeared in the Nairnshire Telegraph last week. NAS had organised an event down at the Maggot and the Saints at their Showfield base. As it was both events were successful. The two groups met up however to discuss the clash and the result is that they will jointly run a series of car boots at the Showfield over the summer months.
They will take place on the last Sunday of the month and the first one will be on Sunday 27th of May. Visit this page for details of the events.