Monday, 25 June 2012

State of the plots - well done

Hello Everyone,

The quarterly plot inspections were done yesterday. The standard is generally very high and is to be commended. If any improvements are to be made, plot holders will be contacted individually, by email.

Some points for us all to be aware of:

1 Sheds shouldn't be raised off the ground, but be sitting on slabs, to discourage vermin from nesting underneath. If yours is already constructed and is off the ground, a skirt of chicken wire, well buried into the ground, would be enough to keep them out.

2 Plot numbers should be prominently displayed - and if yours is in Gaelic, would you mind displaying the numerals as well please, for those who don't speaka da lingo?

3 If you have an open compost heap, would you ensure that perennial weeds are not flourishing on the top?

4 For the sake of your neighbours as well as yourself, lift or at least cut the tops off perennial weeds before they set seeds.

5 Can we remind new plot holders at Sandown (on the smaller plots) that you are responsible for the borders between your fence and the path? Nectar-rich plants, wild flowers, herbs would make a cheap and easily-maintained border which would attract bees to your plot.

6 Mill Rd shared polytunnels - a lot of these spaces have perennial weeds such as the dreaded mare's tail. Please lift them, out of consideration for your neighours.

All we need now is a spell of lovely weather!
(on behalf of the committee.)

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