Monday, 24 September 2012

Scottish Heritage Fruit Trees available to plotters

The Orchard group will be purchasing around 20 heritage varieties From John Hancox when he comes to give a talk on November 10th. This gives an opportunity for other plotters to buy a tree or two if they wish. 
Details of the comprehensive list of trees are available here on the  Commonwealth Heritage & Scottish Fruit Trees site. Click the "for sale" tab and a Word Document list will open up. Simply contact John via tha website and order any trees and he'll bring them in November.

Friday, 14 September 2012

SAGS (Scottish Allotments and Gardens Society) draft response to important Scottish Government Consultation

Yes the title of this post might seem a bit dry but consider the following e-mail from SAGS:

Dear SAGS members

Following our message on June 26th about the Scottish Government Consultation on the proposed 'Committee Empowerment and Renewal Bill'
I attach the draft response from the SAGS committee to the Consultation. Please take the time to read the draft and think about the issues. This is really important, a great opportunity but we need to get agreement and get it right.

This is the first time in over sixty years that we have a chance to get our vision for allotments into Legislation. This is very exciting but to actually get something into the Bill requires input and support from all our plot-holders.

 Please send any comments, suggestions for inclusions or  disagreements and changes to be made to me replies by September 17th so we can submit the final response in good time. (closing date September 26th 2012)

If you have time to make your own response that would strengthen our case.

Best wishes

The draft response is available here. Please substitute AT with @ in Judy's e-mail address if responding to her. Realise that is a short deadline but perhaps members might have thoughts on this legislation. SAGS seem to have some quite radical proposals that might find support within the Nairn Society perhaps? Have a read if you have a few moments and see for yourself. 

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Crowd funded blight resistant tatties - can you help research?

The Savari research trust need finanacial help to get another Sarpo variety on the market. They state:

"We have a promising new seedling (let’s call it Crow, short for Crowdfunded for now) to extend our Sarpo range. We need to test Crow’s performance against standard varieties in the field/garden and in the kitchen. Then we can send seed of Crow for government testing (very expensive) over two growing seasons. If the regulators agree that Crow would make a useful new variety, they will award it National List status. Then the variety can make a big contribution to really sustainable food production in UK and abroad. We need £5000 to help us do this."

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Allotments elsewhere - 1. Town Yetholm

Thanks to Stan Brown of the Yetholm Yewtree Allotments Association who knidly showed me round the plots down in the wee borders community. The plots were a neglected overgrown market garden for many years but recently have had a makeover with the rebuilding of sheds and a reorganisation of the layout. As you will see from the pictures, youth involvement from the outset has been very important to the association.

There are still some of the original fruit trees in the garden and the fruits are shared out among the society's members as and when they are ready. There are no individual sheds allowed, a comfortable communual shed is full of an impressive array of machinery. The plots had the water supply turned off due to increasing costs and so far have been able to collect all the water they need in tanks that take water from roof surfaces. No fires are allowed given the proximity of thatched roofs in the village. 

The plots are in an idyllic setting overlooking the Cheviot hills, the village is reknowned for being the end of the Pennine Way and many thousands of walkers pass through the two parks of the village every year (Kirk and Town Yetholm). The tattie "Yetholm Gypsy" originated in these plots. All in all a very productive scene in an beautiful setting. Yetholm is well worth the detour from Kelso if you have a little time on your hands and the plotters, like the folk in the village in general, are a friendly lot. Individual pictures here. 

Monday, 3 September 2012

Veg on the edge discount for Society members at Book and Arts Festival

If more than ten members want to attend then they can get in for a fiver each - if you'd like to go then phone 453747. Information below:

Fruit and vegetables; A Scottish Guide

£7 Adults, £3 Under 18s
3.30pm Sunday 9th September
Nairn Community & Arts Centre
Caroline Beaton, co author, will speak about this beautifully illustrated and comprehensive book where you will learn how to grow fruit and vegetable , using modern techniques In addition Caroline, an amateur and gifted gardener will give a presentation called Veg on the Edge to inspire us to plant something edible. If gardeners from Barra to Unst can do it, we can too.
A practical guide and history to growing fruit and vegetables in Scotland
Sponsored by Broadley Garden Centre