Thursday, 6 September 2012

Allotments elsewhere - 1. Town Yetholm

Thanks to Stan Brown of the Yetholm Yewtree Allotments Association who knidly showed me round the plots down in the wee borders community. The plots were a neglected overgrown market garden for many years but recently have had a makeover with the rebuilding of sheds and a reorganisation of the layout. As you will see from the pictures, youth involvement from the outset has been very important to the association.

There are still some of the original fruit trees in the garden and the fruits are shared out among the society's members as and when they are ready. There are no individual sheds allowed, a comfortable communual shed is full of an impressive array of machinery. The plots had the water supply turned off due to increasing costs and so far have been able to collect all the water they need in tanks that take water from roof surfaces. No fires are allowed given the proximity of thatched roofs in the village. 

The plots are in an idyllic setting overlooking the Cheviot hills, the village is reknowned for being the end of the Pennine Way and many thousands of walkers pass through the two parks of the village every year (Kirk and Town Yetholm). The tattie "Yetholm Gypsy" originated in these plots. All in all a very productive scene in an beautiful setting. Yetholm is well worth the detour from Kelso if you have a little time on your hands and the plotters, like the folk in the village in general, are a friendly lot. Individual pictures here. 

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