Thursday, 13 September 2012

Crowd funded blight resistant tatties - can you help research?

The Savari research trust need finanacial help to get another Sarpo variety on the market. They state:

"We have a promising new seedling (let’s call it Crow, short for Crowdfunded for now) to extend our Sarpo range. We need to test Crow’s performance against standard varieties in the field/garden and in the kitchen. Then we can send seed of Crow for government testing (very expensive) over two growing seasons. If the regulators agree that Crow would make a useful new variety, they will award it National List status. Then the variety can make a big contribution to really sustainable food production in UK and abroad. We need £5000 to help us do this."

1 comment:

  1. Most of us have who've grown tatties this year have suffered from the dreaded blight making this Sarpo research all the more important.
    £10 is the minimum donation for individuals, perhaps our society might consider making a larger donation?