Friday, 14 September 2012

SAGS (Scottish Allotments and Gardens Society) draft response to important Scottish Government Consultation

Yes the title of this post might seem a bit dry but consider the following e-mail from SAGS:

Dear SAGS members

Following our message on June 26th about the Scottish Government Consultation on the proposed 'Committee Empowerment and Renewal Bill'
I attach the draft response from the SAGS committee to the Consultation. Please take the time to read the draft and think about the issues. This is really important, a great opportunity but we need to get agreement and get it right.

This is the first time in over sixty years that we have a chance to get our vision for allotments into Legislation. This is very exciting but to actually get something into the Bill requires input and support from all our plot-holders.

 Please send any comments, suggestions for inclusions or  disagreements and changes to be made to me replies by September 17th so we can submit the final response in good time. (closing date September 26th 2012)

If you have time to make your own response that would strengthen our case.

Best wishes

The draft response is available here. Please substitute AT with @ in Judy's e-mail address if responding to her. Realise that is a short deadline but perhaps members might have thoughts on this legislation. SAGS seem to have some quite radical proposals that might find support within the Nairn Society perhaps? Have a read if you have a few moments and see for yourself. 

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