Friday, 26 October 2012

Up to 30% off seeds and sundries to NAS plotters

Garden Organic (formerly the Henry Doubleday Research Association), the UK's leading organic growing charity, is offering up to 30% discount on their products if Nairn Allotment Society orders as a group. To qualify for the maximum discount we have to spend over £200 – and as 2 NAS members are planning to place orders totaling over £100, we are more than halfway there already!

NAS members are not required to join Garden Organics to enjoy the discounts if we order as a group, but you are free to do so if you wish (well worth joining, if only for their informative newsletters and free organic gardening advice).

The discounts aren’t blanket throughout the catalogue so please read the details listed below (and please keep this email to refer back to if you decide to order).

Garden Organic catalogues can be collected from the communal shed at Mill Road (shelf on the left) and from the compost toilet at Sandown. The catalogues well worth a look, with a huge range of seeds, seed potatoes, bulbs, pest and weed control, equipment and books.

Order forms are in the centre of the catalogue. When you’re ready to order please remove the form and fill in your details (include your plot number).  Payment should be to Nairn Allotment Society. Once the orders have been processed Garden Organics will apply the discounts and NAS will issue you a cheque/payment for your discount

Please return completed order forms no later than 6 January 2013 to Jules , who is coordinating this order for NAS members’
He is at plot 6 Mill Road, or plot 28 Sandown, or post/deliver to 65 Society St, Nairn. IV12 4NL
(Don't send your form direct to Garden Organics yourself or you won’t receive the group discount!)

Many thanks 

Group Order Discounts

The following discounts are applicable when our order value reaches £200.00:

Packet seeds                                30%
Onion sets, shallots and garlic    30%
Organic fertilisers and QR           30%
Potatoes                                        15%
Books, composts, and sundries    15%

Exclusions from Group Order (i.e. the following cannot be included with your order):

• All fruit and plants including organic vegetable and herb plants (page 55) comfrey, Jerusalem artichokes, asparagus crowns, rhubarb crowns, sweet potato slips, horseradish, chamomile.
• All biological controls.
• Any item marked in the catalogue ‘direct from manufacturer/supplier’

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