Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Seaweed for those that haven't made it to the beach yet

One of the plotters is always getting asked about seaweed, he collects from the beach and also buys it in for use on his plot. He reports that this site has a special offer on deliveries for December. 

Sunday, 2 December 2012

I  have  added two  more  links  on  to  our  website one  is  for  our  local  garden  club  and  the  other  is  for  the  keeping  Nairnshire  colourful  group  who  have   been  busy planting  bulbs around  our  town perhaps  you  could  help  them  please   check  out  their  website for  details on  what  they  are  doing and what  they  have  done  in  the  past,  the  group  have  one  of  the  new  beds  at  Sandown  which  will  be  used to  bring  plants  on  for  use   around  the  town.  our  local  garden  club welcomes  new  members why  not  take  a  look  at  their  site  again  you  will  see  what  they  have  done  in  the  past  and  they  would  like  to  do  for  the  future.