Q- When will I know that I’m getting a plot?
A-     We can only allocate plots once the ground work has been completed and we can clearly see that all the plans on paper are the same as the finished groundwork. We’re trying our very best to maximise the space included in Sandown Phase 2 so that as many people as possible can be allocated an allotment garden.

Q- What if I don’t get as big a plot as I hoped for- is that it?
A-     No it isn’t. There may not be sufficient large plots for demand this time round. The best thing to do is to take what is offered as a starting point and leave your name on the waiting list. Then, if something preferred becomes available you may be considered for a swop.

Q- How much does an allotment cost?
A-     Currently a full plot at Sandown costs £27 a year for the ground with a further £10 for membership to the Allotment Society. Half plot is £23.50 including membership, and quarter plot £16.75. Our lease is up for renewal this year, we are currently negotiating new rentals charges with Highland Council and it is anticipated that there will be an increase to these prices.

Q- How do I pay the fees and when will I know they are due?
A-     You will be sent an invoice detailing your charges for this year once you have been allocated a plot. You can pay by standing order through your Bank or Building Society, or by cheque. Full details will be included with your invoice.
Thereafter invoices are sent in Dec for payment in January.

Q- I am on a limited budget- what if I can’t afford it all at once.
A-     We have a system in place to accept installments - arrangements to pay by installments can be made with the Treasurer- we prefer these to be made by standing order wherever possible. 

Q- This is my first plot and I’m wondering where to get advice on how to set it up?
A-     There will be a series of workshops planned especially for all new plot holders-
“ Starting your plot from scratch” .
There will be lots of great information and examples of suggested lay outs to get you started.

Q- Can you recommend any books to help?
A-     The library would be a good place to start- personal favourites include The Allotment Book by Andi Clevely, and any written by Caroline Foley- e.g.“ How to plant your Allotment”
Have a look at what is available- there are some you’ll really want to own and refer to again and again. Magazines can also be very useful- Kitchen Garden and Grow it. Used magazines are often available to pick up at our meetings.

Q- Who is paying for all the work at Sandown?
A-     The project is being funded by Highland Leader 2007-2013, The Highland Council Nairn Discretionary Fund and by Nairn Allotment Society’s own fund-raising efforts. The project would not have been possible if it weren’t for all the hard work and efforts of existing allotment holders and the committee.

Q- How can I get involved and help with the Fund raising?
A-     Get in touch – send an e-mail through our web page.

We have a Car Boot Sale on Sunday 29th April at the Maggot- 10am – 2pm.

We are also currently looking for volunteers to help with a bag pack on Saturday the 12th of May at the Co-operative, King Street.

Q- How can I help with some of the practical tasks getting the site up and running?
A-     We have regular work parties to help maintain all of our sites. An invitation to participate is usually sent by e-mail, so just reply to that and join us. It’s a great way to meet the plot holders and pick up gardening tips from other more experienced gardeners.

Q- Do we need to add manure before we add anything into the allotment or can we manure the allotment in the autumn once the first growing season is past

A- I'll be putting my new bit to tatties but won't be adding any manure just now. The ground has lain fallow and rested for at least 5 years and I think the last crop in was  peas. Peas and beans add nitrogen to the soil from their roots and the ground is looking good. Dick did talk about trying to get a tractor or so of dung, but on reflection he & I decided it is better if folk make their own arrangements for that.
     Better too that dung is taken in by car & trailer instead of heavy plant- our wee road would soon be churned up if too much heavy traffic on it. Also the dung would have to go straight onto the plots and not everyone would want it.

Q-  I would be very keen to be involved in getting in on the bulk shed purchase scheme discussed at one of the previous meetings and wouldn’t want to miss out due to missing the induction meeting – will there be an email out to all members about it?

A - It was left to new plotters to get some prices for sheds and see what you could work out. Will find out at the meeting and let you know asap. 

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